By-Pass Pressure Adjustment

RV Overpressure Adjustment

SV UP Acceleration Adjustment

Up and down deceleration adjustment screw

DV2 down speed adjustment

Up/Down levelling speed adjustment LSV

PV Minimal pressure adjustment

Static pressure loss: 1 Hand pump

Static pressure loss: 2 Emergency down travel

Static pressure loss: 3 Solenoid valves 12:H and 12:N

Static pressure loss: 5-6 CV1 Check valves and DTV

Static pressure loss: 4DV1 Valve

Car does not slow properly: (TCJ) Replacement

The car does not go upwards or goes slowly: 1 RV overpressure valve

The car does not go upward or goes slowly: 2 SV + HDV spools + F1 filter

The car does not go down or go down slowly with HSV valve: filter checking

Installation of jointed hydraulic jacks

Oil buffer OBC-C installation

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